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Receiving press coverage is NOT our main goal , however when we do, we’ll be sure to post any blogs, articles, features and editorials so you can keep up with what is being said about Jigsaw Equine.

We will also include all articles written by ourselves that are published in England or overseas.

Boost Your Connection: Debbie shares some of her experiences with Essy since a visit by Animal Communicator, Margrit Coates

Can't Hack Out Alone: Your Horse Article April 2013
Your Horse Asked Debbie Percy for some practical tips

Total Confidence: Your Horse Article January 2013
Your Horse sent a horse and rider to spend an afternoon with Debbie to boost their confidence

Developing the MENTAL side of your riding: Your Horse Article August 2012Useful tips for applying to your mind when your riding goal is to improve a level; Your Horse asked our own sports coach Debbie Percy to comment

Mind Coaching Tips when competing: Your Horse April 2011Find out why smiling is the next best thing to chocolate to help calm your nerves!

Pet Plan Winter Article November 2010 Useful tips and ideas for keeping mind, body and horse active this winter by asking our own sports coach Debbie Percy to comment

Ready, Steady, Hack with CONFIDENCE: Horse & Rider April 2009 – An article packed with advice for handling nerves as you prepare to hack out with your horse.