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How to take back time and get back to basics

Avoid in sanity by following our 6 steps to simpflication!

How lessons from work can help our riding improve

Find out what links we drew about how making a sales presentation and riding our horse can be similar!

Stirrups: what we forget!

when do we think about our stirrups and do we always put safety first?

Dealing with Anger

Ever wondered what you can do about outbursts of anger towards others or your horse? Follow the 5 steps in this article to get a grip before it grips you! For longer term solutions contact

It’s A Curious Thing – Colour

The world is becoming more colourful by the day! What does it mean to our horses?

How Well Do You Know Your Brain?

Learn new facts that will fascinate you about your brain; how it works, and what we forget to remember when riding! Treat your brain like your own best friend. Read more for further insight.

Less Is More

Interior decorators made fashionable - 'less is more'! Can horse riders benefit too? What can Yoga teach us about how to achieve it? Find out more by reading this article by Debbie Percy - JigsawEquine's Mind Coach

New Year Resolutions

Instead of dreading New Year Resolutions, learn valuable lessons for achieving more with your horse!

Riding Lessons From Albert Einstein

Find out what you can learn from a 19th Century Scientist to help you ride better today!

You Are What You Drink PART 1

We all know the importance of water to the body's well being, but just how important is it really? Find out more by reading Debbie’s thoughts and facts.

You Are What You Drink PART 2

Hydration is critical for powers of concentration and focus. It helps maintain our fitness and energy levels. What are the signals of dehydration and what can you do about it?