Results Are In...

24 March 2011

Many thanks for taking part in our first on line survey to find out more about what you think and in particular, what drives you nuts on the yard! 

We kept our survey short and simple.  We asked 3 questions and the results were clear and undisputed.  Read on to find out what you said...

We asked, "What frustrates you on your yard?"

You told us...

  1. Broken tools/ equipment and,
  2. Shavings blowing around the yard especially flying off your wheelbarrow!

We asked "What 'gets your goat' while riding?" You said with an overwhelming majority...

  1. Feeling rushed for time and not able to focus

Finally we asked "Which out of a number of possible yard situations you had experienced recently?"  You chose:-

  1. People disregarding the safety of horses and
  2. People interfering without being asked
  3. People putting their stuff in your space!

 We will definately run further surveys to keep up to date with ways in which we can help meet your needs and address frustrations!