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Mind Improvement

Choose from a range of mental exercises and worksheets to help improve the way your mind works, to ensure it positively contributes towards your performance and enjoyment level with your horse, whatever your goals are!

3 Minute Exercise

Calm Your Mind

Calm and silence your mind and tune into your body to create a helpful space for you and your horse

Focus Exercises

Focus: Identifying Distractions Worksheet

Find out what distracts you from your riding or competing. Often distractions are internal i.e. thoughts and feelings, or, they could be external - such as a ckhange in the weather, the words or actions of other people. Knowing what your typical distractions are is the first step to doing something positive to overcome them.

Mental Focus Exercise – Grid Work!

A timed exercise to carry out at home or at a show to improve your ability to Focus. Print out the grid and keep it close to hand. Anytime you need to focus, manage distractions, or become ‘present’ – follow the instructions and see how far you get! Using techniques such as this with Brain Games, Sudoku etc all help. Keep practising!

Focus: Progress Chart

Monitoring progress whether large or small, fast or slow is important to do in order to maintain our enthusiasm and confidence. Use this one page chart to track your progress and identify further areas for improvement.

Confidence Exercises


Setting Goals Boosts Confidence

There is much hype about the importance of Goal Setting. Take out the mystery and use this 7 Step Process to achieve your Goals.


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