Sports Psychology

What Is It & How Can It Help?

It changed my life"...said Pippa Funnell MBE and holder of Rolex Grand Slam...about Sports Psychology.

Sports Psychology is the study of the Human Mind and Behaviour in Sports.

It considers the beliefs we hold, and the thoughts and feelings we experience; which combine to help or hinder our achievement of success when riding.

Working with a ‘Mind Coach’ will enable you to better deal with the mental and emotional side of physical performance and competition.

Who Uses It & Why?

Horse riders of any age, experience and level will benefit from working with a Mind Coach.

We lead our horses where we want them to go by going there first ourselves, in mind, body and spirit."

Once we have learned the technical aspects of riding, it is the mental aspects that ‘makes the biggest difference’

We all experience days where our head isn’t ‘in the right place’ but do we understand the full impact it has on how we ride? Learning to ‘train your mind’ brings skills of managing emotions, focusing, overcoming distractions, ignoring mistakes and managing nerves. This raises confidence and let’s the rider get on with the job or riding!

How Can I Get Help?

We offer a range of ways to access the tools and techniques to develop your mind, regardless of your riding ability, ambition or location! Like other aspects of your training developing mental skills requires discipline and practice! Here’s how you can take part:

  • Public or Private Seminars and workshops - join one or more, of our public seminars: Inside The Mind Of A Winner, covering an introduction to Mind Coaching, practical tips on How to Focus, How to Handle Anxiety, Build Confidence and Prepare to Compete. Go to Events to find out more about each seminar.

    Alternatively, if you are your yard has a particular need we will custom design a workshop to suit.

  • Want to join in but don’t live in our area? Take part in one of our Internet based Webinars to participate from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world!

  • Prefer to work alone? Many of our clients work with us on a one to one basis, face to face or by telephone. Many times, it isn’t necessary to meet you or your horse!

Getting Started!

“Start somewhere, and go everywhere! Is our motto”!

To get you going -download and complete our Focus Self Assessment Questionnaire (link to doc) to get a flavour of how the self assessment tools work and help prioritise where to start.

Then, watch a selection of short videos taken from Inside the Mind of a Winner Seminars. Answer the questions or consider the themes being discussed.

When you’re ready to book a seminar go to the Events Page to find out when the next event is scheduled to run. Or, contact us direct to request private coaching or a club/yard specific workshop

Seminar Videos