Hear how Sports Psychology helped some of our clients...

“Earlier this week my instructor was helping me with persuading my horse to load without the obligatory getting loose 3 or 4 times and galloping round the hay field as a warm up. She said to me "when I say slow everything down, it's no good just doing it with you body - you need to slow your mind down first". I don't think I would have understood this immediately if I hadn't been along to your seminars. The loading went very well!” Shirley, Hampshire.

“I have been feeling a lot more positive thank you and funnily enough have not had one “what if” moment so far!! Thank you for your help.” Sue – a nervous hacker!

“I have worked with Debbie for help with nerves & concentration for show jumping. The one to one sessions have been really productive & she has given me techniques to use in training & in the ring, she gave me a plan to follow for the last 3 day show we did. I train with a BSJA Accredited Coach & Debbie always e-mails me notes from our sessions which I forward to him so that we can all work together, he has been impressed with what we have done & says I am more self confident & focused. My results this season have been the most consistent ever, & I am sure this is because of the sessions with Debbie, thank you.” SB, Hampshire

“We asked Debbie to come and help us to see if she could spot where we were going wrong with trying to load our horse on important show days. Things always got very tense and many times we never made it to an event as we couldn’t get our mare to go up the ramp. Debbie arrived, watched us at work, changed a few things and the mare ran up the ramp all within about 15 minutes!” MA, Surrey

“I have felt SO much better already! I felt very positive all weekend, compared to my normal passive self, but it's been great! I rode today, just walk and trot and walked out of yard to the end of lane with my friend on foot. Very small step but I'm pleased. I could actually feel my gut feelings of fear and could try and appease them as they happened.” Anon, Kent